Great Outdoor Games for Fundraisers

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Great Outdoor Games for Fundraisers

Games for Fundraisers

Lets face it fundraising events are not always $300 plate black tie events. Getting people involved and willing to part with some cash can be a challenge. You could host a number of games to encourage people to stick around and spend more. Here is a quick list of great outdoor games for fundraisers you could use to get people out. One way to encourage participation is if you have sponsors for your event have them donate prizes for game events. Small amount gift cards or even cash can help get groups get up off the couch and get involved.

Potato Sack Races

The traditional potato sack race can be fun for all ages. The sacks themselves could be from one of the sponsors with their advertising on it. Get the teams together early and there should be a clear start and finish line. Sack races should announced or scheduled so others who want to watch the antics have time to get to the race field. Each team should pay a nominal amount to participate and the prize at the end should be age appropriate. Multiple races can be held for different age groups if you have enough prizes. Another variation would be sack drag races. Two teams at a time and use a tournament style elimination.

race photo

Three Legged Races

Three legged races can reuse the sack race field if you want to put another spin on the game. Rule and variations can be similar to the potato sack races.

Cornhole Tournament

Cornhole has taken off in recent years and is still climbing. Hold a tournament for a fundraiser is one way to get people excited and interacting. Different divisions and age groups can be played all at the same time. Full rules and regulations for playing cornhole can be found at What you charge per team and how the tournament is run is up to you. One suggestion is to print out tournament brackets to keep track of winners and losers. Payouts can come right from the cash collected from each team with a certain percentage going to the fundraiser.

Ladder Toss

Similar to cornhole but using PVC pipe ladder and golf balls on ropes. Holding a tournament for ladder golf is similar to cornhole.

There are others this is just a quick list to get you started on the right path to a successful fundraiser. Games for fundraisers can make the day fun for everyone and increase the amount donated as well. No matter what you do to help raise funds for your charity have fun!